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By digital artist, Carolyn Schiffhouer

The Green Botle

Welcome to Moon Dance Design
For most of my life I have been an artist in search of a medium.  It seemed the harder I tried, from macrame to weaving, it just eluded me.  Then I met the computer and a creative explosion happened.  I have never been the same.

Although Digital Art has been around for a long time (they were using the computer in the 60's to make designs), it has really taken off with the turn of the century.  That is why I call digital art the wave of the future.

DazeDigital art is created using the computer as a medium for art and design.  As much as a paintbrush is used to create paintings, the computer is guided by the artist to create pixel canvases.  Many software programs assist the artist.  These may include Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Bryce, Maya, Apophysis or Ultrafractal.  The software programs are almost endless and form the myriad of tools in the digital artist's studio.

Digital work is created using many different forms of input.  Often the artist will use photography and digitally manipulate the image to create what they want.  Some artists will draw directly into the computer using a stylus and a digital drawing pad.  Others will use software like Bryce, Poser or Maya to create their own worlds filled with images limited only by the artist's imagination.  Many artists will use a combination of all of these techniques to achieve their final creation.

 The Green Botle  I use several different approaches to achieve my digital wowrks, but usually use photographs I have taken as the basis for them.  I manipulate these images using software programs, usually Photoshop. My other passion is fractals and you will see a variety of fractals on my site.

 No matter how it is created Digital Art is the wave of the future and sure to awe inspire everyone. A piece of digital artwork is always a conversation starter.



 Softly Softly

You can also view my work on ebay under the ID of "bromley2". Please visit ebay.com for some incredibly priced auctions of my prints. ebaybutton

I am a juried member of EBSQ, an internet art gallery including my work. Please visit my portfolio there. esbq button